Sometimes in life we run into issues or problems and it’s human nature to think what is the fastest way to fix this. I mean, who doesn’t like getting what you want quickly. Exercise is one of those fast (temporary) solutions to the permanent issue. You need to start training. Training is ongoing. You will constantly be training to be in better physical shape, to stay in better physical shape, or to accomplish a specific goal.
Let’s say you have a goal to run a 1/2 marathon. Is doing the same run every day going to get you there? Not a chance. It might help with your short term goals, but in order to keep improving, you need to plan your steps along the way to cross the finish line in the end. A plan would not only include increasing your strength and endurance, but also a nutrition plan to help with energy and recovery. This is training.  Once you’re have the ability to run a ½ marathon, the possibility to run a full marathon is well within reach and you’ll be so excited at what you’ve accomplished so far that you’ll be thirsty for more. So, you begin to train harder, run longer, and push yourself past all plateaus.
When you join a gym, research how their personal trainers have helped their clients succeed. Did they tailor a specific plan for their clients’ goals? Or did they step back and watch them as they did the same run and lifted the same weights every day? Were they as invested in their clients’ improvements or was it another paycheck? If you’re going to invest the time and work, you want to be sure they’re doing the same.
Whether you are currently training with us or just thinking about it, we want to make sure that we are holding each other equally accountable. Our mission is to help every client reach their health and fitness goals. We want you to become the healthiest version of yourself you can be. With that in mind, we promise to continue to push you to reach your goals and never give up on you if you, in turn, promise never to give up on yourself.
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Coach Jeff Katz
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